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Xpressions Snap - 4x3 Trade Show Pop Up Display

Xpression SNAP!...the ultimate in trade show portable display frame-graphic technology!

Creating a stunning 3-dimensional display... in a SNAP! Twelve available frame configurations, two planes for integrated graphics, and infinite combinations, offer you a cost effective media to create dramatic effects with unlimited design possibilities! 3-D capability and fabric size options create a truly unique portable display along with a lasting impression.

The frames is shiiped to you with the fabric skins fully attached. The portable, lightweight frame allows your display setup a SNAP! No tool or event labor required. Simply grasped with both hands evenly right and left side of the center quad within the frame, then gently lift upward. Strong megnetic connector "SNAP" lock the frame automatically within seconds!

The flexibility of this frames allows you to change the graphics in the field or office easily to create a totally fresh looking display.The Xpressions SNAP! is truly unlike any other display! Let your imagination take over! Your image message deserve the best... it deserves Xpressions SNAP!

And if that is not enough, how about made in the USA.

XSnap 4x3 Graphic Specs

Skin Vocabulary

IFR Flame Retardant Certificate

Frame Warranty

Discount Pricing

includes Self Locking frames, 3DGraphics, Nylon Carry Bag, and FREE ground shipping


Snap Kit Frame and Graphics

Replacement Graphics

XSnap 4x3A $3060.00 $1788.00
XSnap 4x3B $3135.00 $1863.00
XSnap 4x3C $2773.50 $1501.50
XSnap 4x3D $2817.00 $1545.00
XSnap 4x3E $2949.00 $1677.00
XSnap 4x3F $2835.00 $1563.00
XSnap 4x3G $2859.00 $1587.00
XSnap 4x3H $3216.00 $1944.00
XSnap 4x3I $2965.50 $1693.50

Call us at 866-569-1035 for a price quote on any separate skins.

Accessories & Extras

Circle Shelf* $25.00
Straight Shelf $70.00
Canvas Bag $80.00
Hard Case $250.00
Lights $130.00
Light Bag $50.00
Stabilization Feet $75.00
Snap Counter Kit - frame,top & graphics $525.00
Snap Counter Inside Bottom Shelf $75.00
Snap Counter Replacement Graphic $250.00
Back Cover - Pre Dryed Fabric ** $125.00
Back Cover - Dye Sublimated Fabric $420.00

Printed dye sublimated proofs are advised for critical color matches. Proofs
Printed 3-D renders are available. Renderings

Xpressions SNAP ships from St. Louis, MO USA

* Circle shelf only available for the 5 quad x, the argyle, and pyramid systems
**Pre dyed fabric colors are white, black, blue PMS 287C, and green PMS 341C.


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IFR frame retardant certificate

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